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GC University Lahore Library came into existence in 1872. Mr. Sardari Lal was deputed to hold its charge. Muhammad Asadullah Khan joined in 1916 as the first qualified librarian. The British Government honored him with the title of Khan Bahadur in 1935.


Viceroy and Governor General of India

Mr. Linlithgow liad the foundation stone of

Fazl-e-Hussain Memorial Library

(now Main Library) 20 October 1937

Inauguration ceremony of Fazl-e-Hussain Reading Room on 23rd October 1939


A proper library with an office and a reading room was established in 1937 in memory of Mian Fazl-i-Hussain, a renowned educationist. Mrs. Farkhanda Lodhi, recipient of the Pride of Performance from the Government of Pakistan was associated with the library during 1993-1998. The library building was once again expanded in 1964.


In 1999, the Postgraduate Library was established to enhance library activities. Recently another library namely Life Sciences Library was established by merging Botany, Zoology and Institute of Biotechnology departmental libraries. All the libraries fulfill the information needs of the University students, teachers and researchers through out the year. The total area of the all the GCU Libraries is more than 35000 sq. feet GCU Main Library English Hallwhich is capable of accommodating 700 students at a time.


The Library has continuously been improved not only in the collection of books, but also as an instrument for the assistance of study and research. At present, it has a total numbers of 349,797 books including precious personal collections.


The convergence of data processing techniques and telecommunications has provided enormous opportunities for processing, storing and disseminating information. IT has changed the way we have been communicating, interacting, and has enabled us to access the required pieces of information globally.


GCU Library Web Site Home PageThe University Library is striving to respond to technological challenges. We have developed two websites i.e. GC UNIVERSITY LAHORE'S WEB SITE and GC University Library's website. These library pages introduce online recourses web pages to complement rapidly growing variety of online collections. GCU Library covers all disciplines taught in the GC University, Lahore. It is also worth mentioning that it is the first ever Virtual Library at any University in Pakistan launched in 2001. The GCU Lahore contributed the first ever digital book from Pakistan to the World Digital Library in 2010, a cooperative project of the Library of Congress and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Library maintains automated English catalogue containing bibliographic information of the books and journals etc in the library. Database that is under LMS software is searchable on internal OPACs and Internet also. The Library has developed online resources section on Library web site to facilitate the users to access the different electronic resources.


The Library's website is a one-stop information solution. It is managed, maintained and organized by the University Librarians and IT experts. It provides links to almost all academic Disciplines. The library is now accessible on the GC University network, free of cost. It is providing access to more than 45,000 full text scholarly journals available though HEC digital library. Some important databases are JSTOR, Science Online, Science Direct, Springer Link, ESDU, EMERALD, IEEEXPLORE, Taylor & Francis, Wiley Inter Science, CUP, Web of Science etc.


Multimedia section provides access to CD-ROMs, microfilms, audio and video cassettes etc. The CD-ROMs terminals are often busy due to heavy use and it is necessary to book a time. Not all terminals are connected to the printer and it is advisable to bring /CD-ROM so that information may be downloaded. It is located near the circulation counter of the Postgraduate Library.


Hanif Ramay Collection 2006The library takes pride in the Personal Collections of Prof. Sufi Tabassum, Prof. Qayyum Nazar, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Mirza Maqbool Baig Badakshani, Dr. Ibadat Barailvi, Dr. Waheed Qureshi, Dr, Razi Wasti, Syed Waqar Azeem, Dr. Muhammad Ajmal, Iftikhar Jalib, Dr. Sohail Ahmad Khan, Prof. Zaheer Ahmad Siddiqui, Dr. Khalid Aftab and others. The use of these collections is restricted only in the library premises.


Besides above personal collections, a special collection has been developed in 1998. This includes very old and rare books on various subjects in English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu. These publications have been arranged and placed in a separate room in the Central Library.


These publications have been arranged and placed in a separate room in the Central Library. The readers are allowed to utilize collections within the library premises. However these books are not issued. An index with library reference pages of valuable collection of former Indian Govt. documents, reports, gazettes, gazetteers and university calendars is arranged subject wise. These documents can only be consulted within the library. The complete and latest information of theses/ dissertations of M.A./ M.Sc./ M.Phil./ Ph.D. is available by department wise in the circulation section of the Central library.


Postgraduate LibraryGCU Libraries provide its members with an environment that is conducive not only to academic but also climatic change. We manage cleanliness, prompt accessibility as well as healthy air-conditioning. The key objective of these continuous library efforts is to enhance its hard and e-resources and also to improve its services by capitalizing the options extended by the traditional, professional and recent IT applications in the libraries. This will enhance our archive and current collection potential and will certainly help faculty boost research activities. It provides one window instant access to huge amounts of data and information remotely. It will save a lot of time and energy of information seekers. This is purely GC University Library product focused to serve the Ravians, people of Pakistan, and International researchers.



Users may make queries by email <chieflibrarian@gcu.edu.pk>



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