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This section plays a pivotal role for providing the books to readers. The readers may contact the librarian regarding the maters relating to library membership, fine and clearance etc. the general books, theses and old university calendars have been shelved in the section. The new arrivals have been placed near the library circulation counter of the Central Library. The catalogue cards of Urdu have been arranged alphabetical word by word to final out whether the library has a particular book, or not and where to find it on the shelf. The book may be traced out by consulting the catalogue through its author, title or subject.




A monthly index covering 26 major headings from three national English dailies published under the title GCU Newspaper Index, dating back to 1998. The press clipping headings are: Corruption, Economics, Human Rights, International Issue, International Relation, India Iran Relations, Kashmir Issue, Nuclear Issue, Pakistan Economics, Pakistan India Relation, Pakistan Politics, Political Science. The index is also available in the electronic format on the GC University web site.






The Library maintains automated English catalog containing bibliographic information of the books, journals etc in the library. Database that is under Library Management System (LMS) software is searchable on ten Online Public Access Catalog (OPACs) terminals. The remote access catalogue is under construction and will be available on the Internet in near future.


b. THROUGH WORLD WIDE WEB - (Remote Access)


Library's website is a one-stop information solution. It is managed, maintained and organized by University librarians and IT experts. It provides links to almost all academic disciplines like Business, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Sc., Psychology, Education, English, Linguistics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Islamic Studies., Govt. Departments, etc. on the web. The virtual library's pages provide comprehensive startup point to access electronic information and reference sources.




GCU Libraries provides its members with an environment that is conducive not only for academic but also climatic change. We manage cleanliness, prompt accessibility as well as healthy air-conditioning. The key objective of these continuous library efforts is to enhance its hard and e-resources and also to improve its services by capitalizing the options extended by the traditional, professional and recent IT applications in the libraries. This will enhance our archive and current collection potential and will certainly help faculty boost research activities. It provides one window instant access to huge amounts of data and information remotely. It will save a lot of time and energy of information seekers. This is purely GC University Library product focused to serve the Ravians, people of Pakistan, and International researchers.




Library provides the facility to get connect Internet at both Central and Postgraduate Libraries.




The library provides a wide range of user education programs to enable them to use the library to its optimum potential. The orientation programs at the time of fresh admissions are conducted each year. Visitors and delegates are also briefed by the senior staff.




This facility is available in the Central and Postgraduate Library on payment basis, from where the user can get the photocopy subject to the copyright law. It is possible to enlarge and reduce copies. Colour photocopying facility available in the Postgraduate Library.




This facility is introduced to enhance the library services for printing facilities students can contact in-charge Internet lab Postgraduate Library.




Its function is to answer the reader's reference questions. It also answers the questions as like who is who, what is what, how and where etc, to save the precious time of the users. The reference tools like encyclopedias, dictionaries atlases etc, are placed in this section. These books can be consulted within the library. The services related to online resources have also been introduced to facilitate the users.




"Who is ungrateful to man is also ungrateful to Allah" (Hadith)


At the end I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartiest gratitude to the Vice Chancellor GC University Lahore whose thoughtful and overall interest, involvement and co-operation to uplift the library services.



Chief Librarian & the Staff

GCU Libraries, Lahore


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