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  Lending Rules  








a. Members desirous of using the library must get themselves registered by applying for Library membership on a form obtainable from the library.

b. A card known as the "Library Card" will be issued to each of the person permitted to draw books from the library under Regulation No. 3 Such cards shall be strictly "non-transferable", and shall have to be presented at the circulation counter at the time of drawing or returning books, etc. This card shall be surrendered at the time of obtaining roll no slip / clearance certificate on leaving the University.

c. The library card will be valid up-to the date mentioned on it. A member should get the card renewed before it expires, if he so desires.

d. A Member, who loses his/her card should at once inform the Chief Librarian in writing. A duplicate card will be issued to him on payment of fee of Rs. 200/- Provided that no book(s) will be issued to a student / member unless he/she presents library card in person along with his University card or applies by post sending his/her card with the application.

e. Any member sub-lending reading material from the library on his library card to any other person shall do so on his own responsibility.

f. The Library card of all members other than those of university employee shall be renewed every year.

g. Books borrowed once may be issued again, provided they are not required by other members. Books will not be reissued more than twice. Books will have to be presented for re-issue. The Chief Librarian may, on an application relax the conditions in genuine cases.

h. A fine of one rupee per volume per day will incurred in case the books are retained longer than the period prescribed for each category of borrower. The fine will in all cases be calculated from the date on which the books should have been returned. Provided that in the case of textbooks, current periodicals and books issued with the special permission of the Chief Librarian, the fine shall be two rupees per volume daily.

i. Books prescribed by the Board of Studies, GC University, Lahore for various examinations will not be issued without the special permission of the Chief Librarian. These when borrowed, must be returned within three days.

j. Books for the summer vacation will be issue by special permission, and these must be returned as soon as the vacation is over.

k. Rare books and manuscripts will be issued with the special permission of the Chief Librarian. The borrower shall have to execute a bond in the prescribed form.


l. Books and other reading materials of the following description shall not be issued, but can be consulted in the library (except in special case e.g. classroom use of a teacher for a short period/photocopying purpose) only :-


i.   Reference material (i.e. Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Atlases and the material marked 'R')

ii.  Theses, Reports, Newspapers, Pamphlets, syllabi, act etc.

iii.  Videocassettes, CDs, and other allied material.

iv.  All unprocessed material.

v.   Current and bound periodicals/ Journals

vi.  Multi volumes books.

vii.  Books & other materials permanently or temporarily marked RESERVED

viii.  Any other material assigned by the Chief Librarian.


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