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a.       Book(s) lost, damaged, or mutilated in any way by a member shall have to be replaced or paid for as per local market price, If the book is not available and the current price cannot be determined from the local market, then double of the actual price as per record plus additional 25% as departmental charges will be paid by the member. The books paid for shall be written-off from the stock register. The price of rare book (s) shall be decided by the Chief Librarian after getting the approval of the Vice Chancellor.

b.       If books and other material borrowed from the library are not returned after the due date, two fort-nightly notices shall be issued, in case the books are not returned even after the second notice. Regulation 5(a) will be applied.

c.       Members shall not mutilate, or damage by writing or marking on pages, any books or publication, nor shall they trace or perform mechanical re-production of any material belonging to the library without formal permission of the Chief Librarian. Violation of this rule shall require replacement of the damaged volume or payment of its price as specified under rule 5(a).

d.       If one volume of a set / series is damaged and it is not available separately, the whole set shall have to b replaced or paid for by the member as specified under rule 5(a).

e.       Following Rules 5(c) & 5(d) paying the cost of the book, the member may, if he/she so desires, retain the damaged books(s) or volumes for which the price has been recovered from him/her.

f.        The amount realized from a member as cost of lost or damaged book(s) or material(s) or not returning the books after due notices shall be credited to GC University, Lahore Library's head 'Books & Journals'.

g.       Book(s) or other material lost or found to be lost on stock-taking shall be reported to the Vice Chancellor for write-off.

h.       If any member leaves the University without returning books borrowed from the library, the price of the books(s) will be adjusted against his security/dues with the University.



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