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General Statistics

Guinness World Records - providing information on record holders for a variety of feats and accomplishments.
Global Statistics - general data on selected countries of the world, including administrative divisions (provinces) and major cities of each country.
Asia Profiles - Asian countries only, create customized comparisons between various statistical data.
(Asian Development   Bank) Developing Member Countries Statistical Data
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

The World Fact Book
Country Background Notes - U.S. State Department.
Country Overviews - Canada-Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
Directory of Economic, Commodity and Development Organizations (IMF)
UK Home Office

Home Office Country Assessments (U.K.)
International Data Base
- U.S. Census
Library of Congress Country Studies
SESRTCIC - Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries, basic statistics and country profiles.
United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN)

Business & Industry

Corporate Structure - from LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations - Offers insight on nearly 700,000 parent and subsidiary businesses worldwide, and has recently expanded coverage to include additional in-depth details on directors, executives and their professional interactions, to help you build relationships that encourage business success.

The business search engine - provides information on industry specific sources and detailed information on 10,000 US public companies, 14,000.

International Registered and Reporting Companies and 44,000 recently added private companies: profiles, executive biographies, financials, news and more.
The Sectoral and Trade Database
- market access sectoral and trade barriers database can be searched either by a country, a sector, or a measure.
Best managed companies - includes an interactive database.
Wall Street Research Net - Over 190,000 links with tips for the professional and private investor. Companies on the financial markets with links to stock history, SEC filings, company newsletters; searchable by keyword, Daily stock quotes and links to both foreign and domestic markets.
Company Annual Reports Online - Annual reports of European companies, searchable by name or type of business.
The Forbes 500s - Search the top 500 companies by name, industry, state, sales, profits, and assets.
Best Companies to Work For - Ranked listing of companies based on employee benefits, stock options, compensation, turnover rates, and hiring plans.
Global 500 -
Revenues, earnings, employees, stock price returns, and current stock prices for the top 500.
Price's List of Lists - Links to rating services for the top businesses and executive pay.
Financial Data and Resource Locators - provides a huge selection of links to material on international finance, banking, stocks exchanges. International in focus yet an excellent gateway to Asian financial contents, this site is the part of Statistical Data Locators.

LexisNexis: Legal Business provides a legal framework within which businesses are created and organized as well as how business is conducted.  Business law covers a wide variety of topics relating to the law of agency, corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, franchises, and limited liability companies.

Salesforce Cloud Computing - enterprise cloud computing company that helps employees collaborate easily and connect with customers like never before. There’s no need to seek individual CRM solutions for sales force automation, customer service, partner management, marketing and campaign management, etc. Salesforce.com’s CRM solutions provide everything in one neat package.


International Trade

ExportOnline - export and import figures can be obtained by country or by industry. Data taken from the Commodity Trade Statistics Database (COM trade) of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD).
International Trade Centre - UN program for trade promotion, the website contains useful global trade statistics(import/export) by country & products. see also Trade Statistics.
Download International Trade data (WTO)
Global Trade Center - Provides many valuable international trade services for manufacturers, importers, exporters, trade service businesses and opportunity seekers.

International Trade Database - market access sectoral and trade barriers database can be searched either by a country, a sector, or a measure.

B&E DataLinks Search Page
B&E Datalinks - Website created by American Statistical Association containing ranked links to international data sources including business, economic and statistics.
Country Reports On Economic Policy and Trade Practices - Released by the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, US Dept of State.

China - Statistic Data - Useful economic and trade statistics maintained by the Chinese government.
Foreign Trade Statistics by US Census Bureau - Current, historical statistics, balance with US, top trading partners of US.
Hong Kong Trade Statistics - Trade statistics maintained by Information Technology Department of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
Malaysia Trade Statistics - Maintained by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
National Statistics of Taiwan, the Republic of China
OECD Statistics
PUSDATA Online Indonesia - Trade statistics maintained by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Indonesia.
Searchable SIC codes 1987 Standard Industrial Classification Manual.
IMF World Economic Outlook Sep 2011
Handbook of International Economic Statistics.



Food and agriculture organization of the United States - is the strategic programme on information management and dissemination of FAO. It provides access to FAO's information resources and makes the knowledge of the Organizaton on all fields of food security and agricultural development widely available to users around the world, through the Internet.

UN Treaty Collection Databse


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United Nation Treaty Collection  - An online full-text collection of UN's treaty-related data. All Bilateral and multilateral treaties registered with and published by the United Nations Secretariat in accordance with Article 102 up to a certain date - Detailed treaty references and full texts in all authentic language(s). Status of Multilateral Treaties. Texts of Recently Deposited Multilateral Treaties. Photographs of Treaty Signature Ceremonies.

NGLS HandBook Online


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Internet Website Resource- NGLS Handbook consolidated overview of the principal economic and social development institutions of the UN system The past few years have witnessed a sweeping change in the attitudes, approaches and policies of the United Nations system with regard to relations with NGOs and their participation in the work of the UN. NGOs are being taken across the entire UN system and in virtually all areas of its activity: policy research and analysis; policy dialogue and normative work; monitoring and advocacy; operational development activities; humanitarian work, particularly responding to emergencies and to the needs of refugees; promoting human rights, democratization, disarmament and peace; and information dissemination and raising public awareness of the issues and challenges on the UN's agenda.

The World's Women 2000

(UN Statistics Division)

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Website of Statistical source and comprehensive analysis of how Women fare in different parts of the world. The World's Women 2000 is a Statistical source-book and comprehensive analysis of how women fare in different parts of the world. The World's Women 2000: trends and statistics is the third issue in the series of reports (the other two issued in 1991 and 1995) that looks at the status of
women through the lens of statistical data and analysis.

The maESTro Web Site


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A comprehensive global directory on Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) air and water pollution, environmental management, human settlements, recycling toxic substances, solid waste, wastewater, water augmentation and more



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A Collection of full-text Online Databases, Information sources including UNHCR Official Documents, United Nations Official Documents, Country Information, Country Maps, Legal Information, Bibliographic Information and Reference Material. international and national law and practice; current country conditions,  policy guidelines and manuals; as well as an extensive collection of bibliographic references and research contacts.

OFFSTATS Offsats: Free and easily accessible statistics for official sources. Current data time series are frequently available. Many data are downloadable as stanched or spreadsheets files.

Statistics on Higher Education in Pakistan





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