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  1. No member shall be entitled to receive the funds (Pension, GP Fund etc.) in case of employees and degree certificate (in case of students) unless they produce "Clearance Certificate" from the Library.
  2. Member (s), intending to obtain clearance, shall apply three days in advance so that the Library staff can properly check the record of the concerned member, obtain the price of the books lost by him/her, if any, as laid down in regulation 5(a).
  3. The employees shall not be allowed to proceed for higher studies or join other departments on deputation, etc, unless they obtain 'Clearance Certificate' from the Library.
  4. The University Authority will have the right to approach the Administration of the residential area of the concerned member to take appropriate action for the recovery of Library books or cost of books, in case the member leaves the University without returning the Library assets.


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