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  General Rules and Policies  







a.       The security deposited under any of the foregoing regulations shall lapse to the University if it remains unclaimed for a period of two years from the date on which a borrower ceases to be a member of the Library.

b.      The library reading halls shall remain open during the summer vacation but the borrowing privileges will remain suspended for the same period. All books on loan with the members must irrespective of the due date, be returned to the library before the summer vacation.

c.      All members must without fail intimate, the Chief Librarian of any change of address.

d.      Members and visitors, etc. shall keep their personal belongings such as books, files, bags, purses, etc. with the person on duty at the Reception Desk. No responsibility for the loss of cash, jewellery or watch, etc. will be accepted by the library staff. All valuable items belongings must be retained in personal custody. They will also be required to submit for inspection any book or object which they are carrying while leaving the library.

e.       In case any personal reading material has to be taken inside the library, permission must be sought from the Concerned Librarian. All reading material issued to them shall be shown to the official at the exit point before leaving the Library.

f.       Members are required to check books etc. at the time of issue. They must draw the attention of the staff at the circulation desk to the defect/damage, if any, in the issuing materials. In case it is not pointed out at the time of issue, the member will be responsible for any damage, detected subsequently.

g.       Library material borrowed by any member a subject to recall if needed by the library.

h.       Reference services are open to Old-Ravians and Researchers as well.

i.        No library material is to be taken away from the Library premises unless any member gets it issued against from the circulation desk.

j.        Readers and members shall not damage, mark or write upon any book, periodicals, maps, manuscript, nor shall they trace or perform mechanical reproduction of any materials belonging to the library without written permission of the Chief Librarian. Readers and members who violate this regulation shall be required to pay the fine imposed by the Chief Librarian or to replace the damaged materials, or to pay its price as determined by the Chief Librarian.

k.       The Chief Librarian may, at his discretion, reduce or remit the delay fine incurred by a borrower.

l.        The Chief Librarian is authorized to withdraw library facilities from any member found misusing the library material or facilities.

m.       After reading, leave books on the table or on the book trolley. Please do not shelve the books.

n.        Theft of books and tearing of pages is a crime.

o.        Eating, sleeping, smoking and conversation within the library premises  shall be prohibited.

p.       Complete silence should be observed except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff.

q.       For guidance regarding how to use the library, please contact the Librarians of the Central and Postgraduate library.


If any difficulty rises in giving effect to any of the clause of this rule, the authority may make such orders as may appear necessary or expedient for the purposes of removal of the difficulty.



A suggestion box is placed at the entrance of the library in which the members may drop their suggestions, if any, for improving general/reading/facilities in the library. The same may also sent at the following e-mail address:




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