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(GCUL Newspaper. Index)

ISSN: 1999-8686 (English edition. Online)

ISSN: 1999-8694 (Urdu edition. Online)


The GCU Libraries have been compiling newspapers index covering about eighteen topics taken from the national newspapers of Pakistan since 1998. GCU Library has taken the initiative of preserving Newspapers Index by downloading articles/columns in full text format from the national dailies from June 2013 in CD and uploading the same at Library’s Web Pages .

It is worth mentioning here that GCU Library has been compiling “Newspapers Index” covering about 18 topics taken from the national dailies of Pakistan since 1998. The hard copies of the Index from 1998 to May 2013 are available in the Periodical Section of Postgraduate Library.

The launching of current version of Newspapers Index in full text format both in CD and at Varsity’s website would prove very beneficial for Library’s clients.


Current Issue September 2016

To view Current Issue in English, Urdu




The Contents of the Newspapers Index

Agriculture, Biography/interviews, Culture/Society/Women/Human Rights, Economics, Education/Language & Literature, Energy, Environmental Issues and Health Issues, Fashion, History, International Relations, Kashmir, Law, Miscellaneous, Politics/International Politics, Religion, Science & Information Technology, Topic of the Month, War/Terrorism

The articles are taken from the following newspapers:

The News

The Nation


نوائے وقت




روزنامہ دنیا

روزنامہ پاکستان

نئی بات





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