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Sr. No Title Name Roll No. Session

Dario Fo's Theatre: A Cerebration of the Cybernetic Celebration Abstract

Ayesha Perveen




Disrupting the Symbolic Code: A reading of Heiner Mueller's Hamlet machine in the light of contemporary Theatre Semiotic Theories Abstract

Arooj Ehsan



03. Red Nightmares: Journey into the Heart of Totalitarian Darkness Abstract Basit Noor Khan 501 2002-2004
04. The use of expressionism in wilfred owen's war poetry Abstract Rubina Shaheen 152 2003-2005
05. Bestiality Coalescing with Absurdity in the Theatre of the Absurd Abstract Amna Haider



Psychobiological concerns in Eugene O'Neill's long day's Journey into night Abstract

Asim Karim 10 2004-2006
07. Critical Evaluation of the Prefaces to GB Shaw’s Plays Abstract Naveed Qasim Karori 507 2002-2004


The Role of Fascism and Authoritarian Structures in the Demonstration of the Individual in Haniof Khureishi's Intimacy and the Black Album Abstract Faiza Dar 508 2002


A Reappraisal of Sylvia Plath's Poetry in the Context of Confessional and Feminist Traditions Abstract

Saadia Maqbool

03 2004-2006

The Scriptural and the Sculptural Aspects of ISAAC Rosenberg's Poetry Abstract

Miraat Farnaz Syed

151 2003-2005

The Existential Utopia A Reading of Jean-Paul Sartre's Novels with reference to Utopian Ideology Abstract

Sohail Ahmed Saeed

152 2004-2006

Impact of the Great War on D. H. Lawrence's Novels Abstract

Abdul Shakoor

09 2004-2008
13 Jean RHYS' Women-Passive or Valiant? Search for Identity Through Art of Diction Abstract Saman Khalid 155 2004-2006
14 The Influence of Sufism on Jostein Gaarder's Work Abstract Faiqa Jehangir 1 2004-2006
15 The Unconventional Methods of Historiography; A comparative study of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Toni Morrison Abstract Maliha Gilani 151 2004-2006
16 Future Vision in the works of V.S.Naipaul Abstract Humaira Kalsoom 161 2004-2006
17 A Thesis/Research Dissertation Emerson and Iqbal Abstract Ishfaq Ali 170 2004-2006
18 The Quester Hero: Myth as Universal Symbol in Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain Abstract Sajjad Ali 153 2003-2005
19 A Research Dissertation Myth and Fantasy in C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman and J. R. R. Tolkien Abstract Shezra Kamran 164 2004-2006
20 Walt Whitman & Allama Muhammad Iqbal: A Comparative Study of the Mystical Self in "Song of Myself" and the Secrets of the Self Abstract Naghmana Kausar 155 2003-2005


Images of Persia in the Seventeenth Century English Drama: A New-Historicist study of John Day, William Rowley & George Wilkin's: The Travels of the Three English Brothers, John Denham's The Sophy & Robert Baron's Mirza: A Tragedy Abstract

Abid Masood



22 Engendering the Surrealistic Ambience in Emily Dickinson's Poetry Abstract Lubna Rumana 162 2003-2005
23 The Problems of Ideology and Isolation in William Faulkner's Light in August Abstract Qudsia Sajjad 153 2004
24 Crises in the Plays of Tennessee Williams Abstract Irshad Ahmad Tabassum 6 2004-2008
25 Feminism and Humanism in Zora Neale Hurstons' Selected Novels and Short Stories Abstract Hafiza Rehman Shah 163 2004-2006
26 Stage Directions in Eugune O'Neill's Plays Abstract Muhammad Siddique Ahmad Awan 159 2003-2005
27 Transmogrification of the Danse Macabre Image: A Stydy of Traditional and Contemporary Usage Abstract Javaria Farooqui 165 2005-2007
28 Historical, Political and Personal in Kamila Shamsie's Selected Works Abstract Naila Sahar 154 2004-2006
29 The Progressive Movement and Ismat Chughtai: Byproducts of Modernism and Early Twentieth Century European Literature Abstract Sobia Kiran 162 2004-2006
30 Reality and Unreality in Beckett's Plays Abstract Faiqa 167 2004-2006
31. Crises of the Self in SAM Shepard's Plays Abstract Sobia Mubarak 165 2004-2006
32. Water Imagery in Elizabeth Bishop's Poetry. Abstract Amna Shaukat 153 2005-2007
33. Meanings of Existence in Arthur Miller's America Abstract Zahid Ahmad 160 2004-2006
34 Study of Time in Luigi Pirandello's Selected Play: Henry IV, The Rules of the Games, The Life I Gave You, and Six Characters in Search of an Author Abstract Aneela Bushra Maqbool 154 2005-2007
35 Nietzsche's Influence on Yeats' Poetic and Philosophical Development Abstract Muhammad Waqar Azem 159 2005-2007
36 An Exploration of Laughter as an Agent of Change in Reference to Dostoevsky's Novel :Crime and Punishment Abstract Muhammad Yasir Hassan Hashmi 341 2005-2009
37 Dystopia of the Romantic Ideals in the Works of Ann Radcliffe and Edgar Allan Poe Abstract Sumbal Maqsood 163 2006-2008
38 Wise Old Woman: New Image of Woman in E. M .Forster's A Passage to India and Virginia Woolf's to the Lighthouse Abstract Muhammad Shabir 080 2004-06
39 Representation of Women in the Advertisements of Contemporary Pakistan Magazines Abstract Ayesha Babar 344 2005-07
40 A Study of Changing Conception of Hell in Western Literature Abstract Naveed Anjum 73 2005-09
41. Bond's Stage as a Metaphor for Regeneration Abstract Iffat Khatoon 151 2005-2007
42 The Evolution of Identity in African American Literature and It's Development in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man Abstract Faiza Zaheer 511 2002-2004
43 The Existential Utopia: A Reading of Jean-Paul Sartre's Novels with Reference to Utopian Ideology Abstract Sohail Ahmad Saeed 152 2004-2006
44 Existentialist Perspective of Melancholy in William Collins' Poetry Abstract Yasir Iqbal 075 2005-2007
45 Study of the Fantastic in August Strindberg's Play Abstract Mariam Aisha Sherazi 77 2005-2009
46 Self and Fear in Doris Lessing's Selected Works Abstract Madiha Mushtaq 158 2006-2008
47 Feminism in sara Suleri: A Cultural and Historical Study Abstract Humaira Aziz 16 2004-2006
48 Diaspora, Identity and Race: A Study of the selected works of Langston Hughes, Lorraine Hansberry and August Wilson  Abstract Narimaan Aziz 153 2006-2008
49 Moral Relativism in the Dramatic Works of Harold Pinter and Edward Albee Abstract M. Islam Khan 155 2006-2008
50 Religious Experience as Presented in the Play of Beckett Abstract Hebron Rafiq 160 2006-2008
51 Virginia Woolf's Vision of Human Self with Reference to Mrs. Dalloway, to the Lighthouse, and the Waves Abstract Samina Khaliq Butt 161 2006-2008
52 The Limitations of Ibsen's Protagonists Abstract Rafiq Nawab 162 2006-2008
53 Re-Romanticizing India: A Study in Forster and Scott Abstract Zunaira Yousaf 160 2007-2009
54 Anti-Tyrannical Stance in the Poetry of P.B.Shelley and Faiz Ahmed Faiz Abstract Muhammad Abdullah Noman 157 2006-2008
68 Being and Becoming: Metaphysics of Sexual Experiences in D. H. Lawrence  Abstract Ammarah Riaz Awan 156 2006-2008
69 Shakespeare's Tragic Villains the Interplay of the Form and the Tragic Idea Abstract Shafaat Yar Khan 152 2006-2008
95 Tracing immigrant consciousness in Pakistani novels in English Abstract Humaira Tariq 151 2007-09
96 T.S. Eliot: The classical and medieval modernist Abstract Nausheen Ishaque 153 2007-09
97 The gothic as a vehicle for revisioning female sensibility in Margaret at wood's novels Abstract Aysha Pervaiz 159 2007-10


The Search For Existential Paradigm In The Theatre Of Harold Pinter Abstract

Rustam Abbas Mir




The Theatre Of The Absnrd An Extension Of The Greek Tragedy Abstract

Zareen Raana




Unconscious as asignificant determinant of human beahviour in D.H.Lawrence's fiction Abstract

Rabia Jehangir




Theatre, An Agent of Social and Political change? Pakistan at Social Crossroad! Abstract

Tayyaba Aman



102 The Influence of Jungian Philosophy on Eugene O'Neill: His Oedipal Resentment  Against the Male Deity and his Heroes Search for a Maternal Goddess Abstract Javeria Tamim Khan 157 2008-2010
103 Morrision’s black women’s quest for subjectivity: Questioning stereotypical representation of black women in fiction Abstract Khamsa Qasim 165 2007-2009
130 Pakistani Cultural Discourse in The Works of Bapsi Sidhwa Abstract Rida Iqtadar 160 2008-2011
132 Preponderance Of Simulacra In Modern Times An Analysis Of American Virtual War In Afghanistan Abstract Ana Ashraf 153 2008-2010
133 Subjugation And Ambivalence In The Indian Muslims’ Response To WW II Abstract Ambreen Aslam 155 2008-2011
134 Vision Of The Postcolonial World In New Nigerian Fiction Abstract Samia Hanif 156 2008-2010
135 The Question Of Truth In War Against Terror-Literature Abstract Muhammad Anees 161 2008-2010
136 Interaction Of Eugene O’ Neill’s Characters With Their Living Space Abstract Muhammad Irfan Randhawa 162 2008-2010
137 Linguistic Distortion In The Fiction Of The First World War Abstract Sumaita Masood 163R 2008-2010
138 Anatomy Of Onthological Death In Albert Camus Abstract ZIA Ilyas Warraich 161 2009-2011
139 Internalized Quest: A Study Of Robert Frost’s Uncanny World Abstract Rabia Gul 159 2008-2011
140 Sankofa:Retrospection in August Wilson’s Oeuvre. Abstract Bushra Hasan 156R 2008-2011
142 RE-Thinking Tragedy Classical to Post-Industrial Abstract Sameer Ahmad 157 2009-2011
143 Feminine Subjectivity in the Fiction of Doris Lessing : A Study of Selected Works Abstract Ammara Khan 151 2009-2011
144 Orientalism and Afro-American Representation in Works of Harper Lee, Zora Neale Hurston and Lorraine hansberrry Abstract Maimoona Khan 154 2009-2011
145 Langston Hughes- Adventures of Feminist Sensibility Abstract Wajiha Majeed Sandhila 154 2008-2010
146 The Never Never Land Of Enid Blyton: An Exploration Of Blyton’s Alternatie Worlds In Terms Of Authorial And Reader Wish Fulfillment Abstract Ayesha Salim 151 2010-2012
147 Traces of Similarities between Faulkner and Morrison in their Treatment of Block Characters Abstract Imran Khan 158 2008-2010
148 Displacement and relocation of the self in the reluctant fundamentalist and the cloud messenger Abstract Hasna Lone


149 The Imperfect Picture Of Partition Of India: Ambive Alence  And Singularity Of Conciousness Abstract Saima Rafiq


150 Gothic Tropes In The War Poems Of Wilfred Owen, Isaac Rosenberg And Ted Hughes Abstract Nida Shah


151 Multi- Dimensional Analysis Of Eugene O , Neill, Sself Destructive Female Characters Abstract Subbah Mir


152 Recollecting Memory, Reviewing History: Trauma In Afrigan American Literature Abstract Farah  Ch


153 Representation Of Jews  And Holocaust In Howard Jacobson,S  Novels The Finkler Question And Kalooki Nights Abstract Tehreem Akbar Khan


154 Representing Nationalism And The Evolution Of Culture In Ice Candy Man, Reluctant Fundamentlist And The Shadows Of The Cresent Moon Abstract Fatima Saeed


155 Theatre Of Taboo: A Study Of Societal Taboos In South East Asin Through Drama And Theatre Abstract Sameer Afzal




Interpretation of literary testimony in the selected poetry of middle eastern diaspora ) Abstract

Manaal imtiaz 0165-MPHIL-ENG-16 2016-18


Camouflaged Mystical Illustration in the poetry of William Wordsworth and Bullhe Shah Abstract Humaira Masud 0168-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Exploration of Ideology of Mystic Love and Commercialization in Muriel Maufory’s Rumi’s Daughter. Abstract Hira Akbar 0169-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Interpreting Duality: A study of split-selves in the Selected Novels of Margaret Atwood Abstract Sehar Bano 0153-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


The Praxis of Revolt and Revolution in Pinter’s Plays Basila Hasnain 0152-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


The Vampire Other in wild Sargasso Sea Abstract Umar Javed Razi 0160-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Representation of Afro-American Slaves  in the light of Gothic Ambience: A Comparative Study of Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Abstract Aleena Shahzad 0164-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Kureishi’s War with the Dominant Discourse: A Postmodern Reading of Hanif Kureishi’s Selected Works Abstract Ramzana Kusar 0166-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Bringing Home the Abjection: A Krstevian Analysis of Female Struggle for Identity in Selected Pakistani Novels Sumera Khalil 0165-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Rhizomatic Selves in Julio Cortazar’s fiction: A Socio-political Analysis Abstract Khola Malik 0167-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Abuses of Enchantment: Negative Implications of Juvenile Literature on Junior Readers. Abstract Faiza Aleem 0158-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Liberating the Voice of the Oppressed: A Case Study of Selected Plays by Shahid Nadeem Abstract Hammad Safee Sohail 0156-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Subversion of predominant image of Afro-American women in Toni Morrison novel Beloved Abstract Daniyal Ahmad 0171-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Refiguring the feminine desire in MyName is Red (by Orhan Pamuk) and The Mirror of Beauty(by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi) Abstract Zarmeena Khan 0154-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


The Reveries of the Lost Generations: A Thematic and Stylistic Revaluation of Abdullah Hussain’s The weary Generations Abstract Binish Iqbal 0161-RE-MPHIL-ENG-14 2014-16


Contextualizing New Historicism in the works of Amitav Ghosh Abstract Rabia Hasan 161-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


The Dawn Creeping with Silver-Sandalled Feet: A Comparative Case Study of the Gender Roles in the Selected Playes of Vijay Tendulkar and Mahesh Dattani Abstract Ayesha Izahr Ch 154-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


From Rural to Urban: The Inception of New Geography in the Novels of Anita Desai Abstract Zobia Javed 164-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


Contesting Institutionalized Racism through blurred boundaries between Pre-apartheid and Post-apartheid South Africa Abstract Nida Qadar 160-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


Women behind the Burqa: Comparing Repressed Female Identity I Selected Fiction from Saudi Arabia and Iran Abstract Hooria Ahmad 151-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


The role of Social Structure and the representation of Individual in the selected works of Contemporary Pakistani Women Abstract Warda abbas 155-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


Exploring Culinary, Culture and Sexcul Politics in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes were Watching God and Alice Walker’s You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down Abstract Tooba Abad 153-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


The Poetics of Deautomization in the Fiction of Arundhati Roy’ Abstract Emaan Hassan Khan 157-MPhil-ENG-16 2016-18


Interpretation of Literary Testimony in the Selected Poetry of Middle Eastern Diaspora Abstract Manaal Imtiaz 165-MPhil-ENG-16 2016-18


The Feminine Soul of a Sufi Poet: A Glimpse into Shah Hussain’s World Abstract Wafa Haider 159-MPhil-ENG-16 2016-18


Breaking the Silence: Aftermath of Trauma and Post memory in Sorayya Khan’s Noor Abstract Fizza Butt 152-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


Discourse of Power and Resistance in the Selected works of Attiya Bawood and Eavan Boland: A Cross-Culture Comparative Study Abstract Zunaira Abbas 157-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17


A structural Study of New Theatrical Sign in the Plays of Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco Abstract Noorul Basar 165-MPHIL-ENG-15 2015-17






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