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Professor Gilani Kamran


Professor Gilani Kamran




Professor Gilani Kamran was the leading Critic and Scholar and a poet of considerable merit. He was born in 24th August 1926 in Poonch (Occupied Kashmir).He was a worthy successor of a long line of illustrious teachers of English language and literature. His devotion to academic and scholarly traditions of our own culture was very remarkable.

He did his master in English literature from Lahore and M.A (Honors) from University of Edinburgh in 1957. He taught English at Postgraduate level at Government College-Lahore from 1958 to 1973.From 1971-1973 he was Vice-Principal of Government College Lahore. In 1973-1975 he was appointed as principal of Government College Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi. In 1979-1989 he was the Head of English Department in F.C College Lahore and was Elevated as first Professor of Emeritus of GCU in 1999.

Professor Gilani Karmanís writings, both in prose and poetry, represent a special philosophy which he had developed by synthesizing Sufism and Existentialism.

He had, so far, published five books of poetry, ten prose works in Urdu and five in English. Among his poetry works was included titled Bagh-e-Dunya published in 1987. Two of Urdu books Tanqeed Ka Naya Pasmanzar and Quaid-e-Azam aur Azadi ki Tehrik his English translation of Khawaja Fareedís Kafees had won literary prizes. Please Click Here to find complete list of books, which have  been compiled or written by Gilani Kamran, has been placed in Gilani Kamran Collection at Main Library.

In 1978 he toured the United States and delivered lectures on Pakistan and its culture. His latest work was a two volume book on the Evolution of literary criticism in the west from Socrates to the present time, (Published in 2000) Traced in the context of the various philosophical concepts and literary theories that helped norish the critical traditions. This was the first book of its kind in Urdu.

He was awarded ďTamgah-e- Imtiaz" in 1986, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Urdu literature, research and criticism. He was also awarded Presidentís Award Pride of Performance in March 2002.

He died in 22nd, February 2003 at the age of seventy seven years.

GCU is thankful to Mohterma Iqbal Begum (wife of Professor Gilani Kamran) who took personal interest to donate the books to GCU.

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